Medconn-Hitachi LABOSPECT 008 AS Biochemical Analyzer System

Medconn Ranos® biochemical reagents have been strictly evaluated by Hitachi and used in conjunction with Hitachi LABOSPECT 008 AS automatic biochemical analyzer to provide customers with complete instrument and reagent solutions

  • Fixed Parameters

    With fixed parameters and reagent parameters highly matched with equipment characteristics, the detection results are more accurate

  • Personalized Customization

    Non-contact ultrasonic stirring to avoid contamination, each item matches the appropriate stirring strength

  • Bar Code Management

    Flexible placement of reagent bottle to avoid dislocation,
    easier operation

  • Traceability System

    Hitachi LST 008 AS biochemical analyzer, Medconn supporting biochemical reagents and calibration products, constitute a complete traceability system

Hitachi LABOSPECT 008 AS Biochemical Analyzer System

Module combination, flexible expansion and amplification