Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable Development of Environment

    We take compliance with laws and regulations and the prevention of pollution as the basic principles, with energy conservation, emission reduction and continuous improvement as the environmental protection concepts to ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable production environment and working environment. We will continue to conduct annual third-party environmental testing to ensure compliance with environmental quality management standards after obtaining the EIA (environmental impact assessment)approval for the project. We have invested a lot of money in the treatment of hazardous waste, strictly controlling it at its source and taking measures to prevent secondary leakage. We formulate environmental protection management systems and emergency plans, organize learning exercises for all employees, and strengthen environmental awareness and emergency response capabilities of employees.

  • Sustainable Development of Employees

    We are committed to providing sustainable development opportunities and platforms for every employee. We fully respect career choices of employees, safeguard equal rights and interests of employees, and pay attention to health and safety of employees. We strive to create an independent and innovative working mechanism, a relaxed and pleasant working atmosphere, and efficient and agile work management, so that employees can maximize their creativity, achieve personal value, and gain professional recognition and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Sustainable Development of Company

    We uphold the principle of honest operation, oppose commercial bribery and improper transactions, and maintain a good business environment. We actively plan to build upstream raw material laboratories, reference laboratories, and joint laboratories to improve product quality; constantly improve our own instrument parts production workshops and improve production processes; strive to strengthen scientific research cooperation and seek breakthroughs in professional academics. We firmly believe that only by continuously improving the quality of products and services, innovating research and development technology, and meeting customer needs can we achieve sustainable development.