3rd party overall solution for quality management in medical laboratories
  • Quality control material:

    By closely cooperating with many high professional and very outstanding manufacturers worldwide to ensure stable and wide supply of high quality raw materials, Qualab has developed a big menu of high-quality QC materials, including over 400 analytes daily

    Immunoassay Control

    Tumor Marker Control

    Cardiac Marker Control

    Protein Control

    Chemistry Control

    Lipids Control

    Blood Gas & Electrolyte Control

    Hematology Control

    Coagulation Control

    Urine Strip & Microscopic Control

    POCT Controls

    Infectious Disease Controls

    Specialty Controls

    Calibration Verification / Linearity Controls

  • Quality data management software:

    Through better understanding customers' needs and expert quality data management ideas, Qualab is engaged in developing more powerful software to help medical laboratories ensure reliable quality of their daily testing results

    An expert quality data management platform

    Multi-functions in one, includes daily QC monitoring, real-time central monitoring, retrospective analysis, intelligent trouble shooting, performance verification, inter- laboratories comparison, etc.

    Provides many advanced charts and reports, customized for compliance with ISO 15189

    Easily uploads QC data from an LIS, middleware or instrument

    Built in data interface, easily shares peer group data with most other software in the market