Ranos® Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System

Intelligent operating system, accurate test result, convenient
management function, effectively improve the working efficiency of the laboratory

  • Using magnetic particle chemiluminescence technique

  • 36 refrigerated reagent tanks
    50 sample positions
    more than 120Test/hour

  • Specially designed sample needle cleaning system, the carrying contamination rate is below 0.1 PPM

  • Automatic quality control analysis, LIS is transmissible

  • Non-stop reagent change, automatic sample dilution

  • Automatic barcode-scanning, reagent mixing, sample level detection, clot and bubble detection

  • Real time reagents and consumables monitoring and instrument status display

  • More reagent packaging specifications,few types of consumables,warehouse management is more convenient

  • Adding allotropic antibody blocker can effectively reduce false positive